Hawea Whitewater Park

The Hawea Whitewater Park is a purpose built community facility located on the Hawea River at Camphill Bridge. Constructed in late 2012 the park provides two river-waves for kayakers, bodyboarders, surfers, and rafters to surf, play and train on.

The flow of the Hawea River at Camp Hill Bridge can be checked online at the Otago Regional Council website. Note that the flow is not in real-time and can change at anytime.

Below is a table setting out recreational and education flows that are currently confirmed to be released.  Note that all flows and times are set at the Hawea Dam and may take 1-2 hours to show effect at the Whitewater park.

Flows in the Hawea River are managed by Contact Energy by way of the Hawea Dam. The flows released by Contact Energy are for the purpose of generating hydroelectric power at the Clyde and Roxburgh Dams.  This means that all flows are subject to Contact's generation requirements including, but not limited to, unexpected changes in electricity demand, generation plant availability or significant inflow changes in the Clutha Catchment.

Flows are managed within the constraints of Contact’s resource consents.  In particular Contact is required to ensure that the river’s level is held between 10 and 200 cumecs from 1 February to 31 August and between 10 and 60 cumecs from 1 September to 31 January.

Contact’s resource consents also require it to release 30 cumecs of water, 8am to 8pm, on the first Saturday and Sunday of November, December, January and February.  Note that all flows and times are set at the Hawea Dam.

Within the constraints of its resource consents Contact also delivers flows for recognised international and national recreational events or flows for educational purposes – school groups and the like.  Generally Contact does not deliver flows for individual purposes.